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National Fitness Day encourages the celebration of fitness and physical activity across the UK. It’s a day for those of us who work in the fitness sector to unite, inspire each other, and share ideas to help others make changes and set new goals specific to them. 

More global deaths per year can be attributed to inactivity than smoking, but the health benefits of physical activity are not as well understood. Introducing just 30 minutes of daily activity into a daily routine can lead to a 20-40% reduction in cardiovascular-related mortality. How can the fitness sector use its expertise to promote good health, and also the joy that fitness and sport can bring? 

As an owner of a small gym, my focus is on this particular environment as a site for promoting better health. I’m confident I can create programmes and run classes that my members enjoy. But I’m also aware there are many other ways for people to keep active and make exercise part of their daily routine.

On Wednesday 22nd September, I’m launching SOCIALight’s first-ever National Fitness Day campaign for our readers. Linking this up with UKActives theme of “Fitness Unites Us,” I want to demonstrate the inclusive power physical activity can have in uniting people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

This lifestyle extends well beyond the physical benefits and has clear advantages for mental, social and emotional wellbeing. 

We ask you to share your fitness goals with us and pledge to work towards them using #Fitness2Me and #socialightmagazine. Do you need to make a start? Do you have an event that you want to train for in mind? Use the 22nd as your start point.

As Hattie Jones, Strategic Lead at UK Active states; It’s been an incredibly turbulent and challenging time. National Fitness Day 2021 gives us the chance to reset for the future. 

We want to get you inspired, we want to get you motivated, and we want to support you with whatever fitness goals you have in mind. 

As I was planning all this a few weeks back, I realised that the source of my inspiration is the incredible work of members here at SO51Fitness, so I thought it would be fitting to share a couple of their accounts on what fitness means to them.

Karen B

Over four years ago, I had a medical event that resulted in two days in intensive care, two weeks in rehabilitation and two months at home. It was a shock, and the only positive thing about that experience was my decision that something had to change.   

The problem was my overall health & fitness, poor diet & lifestyle, all of which I buried under a mountain of stress. The stress was somewhat due to work, partly due to the obscene levels of international travel, but most importantly was the realisation that most of it was the need to keep a personal secret secure.  

It’s so simple, really: I am transgender, and for nearly 50 years, I lived my life in fear of being found out, scared of the consequences, and terrified of ridicule. Four years ago, I decided to change direction, be true to myself and everyone around me, including joining a gym and engaging a personal fitness instructor. I visited SO51Fitness, and not one day has passed that I ever regret stepping out, stepping up and living my life. Every person I have met through the SO51 community is so accepting, friendly, encouraging, and my trainer.

Claire pushes me even further. I’d encourage anyone to use a day like this to figure out what they want and go for it! I always smile and remember that this was my very own turning point.

Anna A

Fitness, to me, is the joining of a community. We are all different with individual needs and desires. Still, when the gym community comes together to support one another, that’s when I feel wanted. As an adult who lives alone, it can be isolating, especially in a pandemic. Still, whether it’s a solo bike ride or a group fitness session, I know that I belong. My fitness has enabled me to feel good about my body and my presence on this planet. 

There is excellent mileage in knowing that as individuals, we can all unite in starting our recovery journeys together on the same day. Start sending us your ideas and fitness pledges today, and we will share them across our social media platforms. 

Here at SO51Fitness, we will be hosting a whole day of free events.

More can be found on the National Fitness Day website: http://www.nationalfitnessday.com

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