Sitting Pretty

We’re living in a fatphobic world, there’s no denying it. Even though fatness is entirely subjective – one person’s definition of ‘fat’ is another person’s ‘goal weight’ – it seems as though anyone above a UK size 10 (US size 6) is ‘overweight’. Even today, in 2021, an era of acceptance and challenging previous societal […]

The UK’s digital skills shortage

The pandemic has turned millions of office-based businesses into virtual companies overnight, inevitably resulting in a greater reliance on technology. This means it is arguably more important than ever to invest in employee development and tech skills. Even pre-pandemic, government figures showed eight out of ten advertised openings required some level of digital skills. “The […]

Lives on Hold

As we enter the summer months we are starting to enjoy the slow easing of restrictions, the chance to reunite with family members and friends and we welcome the opportunity to make new memories after a hard and challenging year of isolation.  2020 and the first few months of 2021 have been difficult for many, […]

Are we in the same boat?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the diversity of the population and drawn a focus on inequality. There is no single way of facing and experiencing the pandemic and every single person has a different story to tell.  When it comes to celebrities and z-listers – to many – swiping through Instagram may have you feeling […]

Considering a Career Change During a Pandemic?

The pandemic has left a large number of the UK population struggling for work, put on furlough or feeling anxious about the future of their jobs and careers. Many industries, in particular, the creative, arts and events based industries have struggled alongside hospitality, retail and more to flourish whilst coronavirus has taken hold.  Back in […]


We’re delighted to reveal our new partnership with LoveBiz Networking® headed up by the wonderful Sue Crooks, The LoveBiz Networking® Founder. What makes LoveBiz Networking® unique? It’s for women only and the priority is to build relationships in the first instance and do business and pass referrals second.  It’s due to this that LoveBiz aligns […]

A Year of COVID-19

Welcome to the first quarterly issue of SOCIALight Magazine for 2021! We hope you enjoy our content-packed, chunky issue which we’ve worked hard on to bring you a variety of topics surrounding numerous themes.  In March 2020, we began to hear the following words and phrases circulating. ‘COVID-19’, ‘Coronavirus’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Unprecedented’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Self-isolation’, ‘Furlough,’ and […]

When Are You Having Kids?

It’s a common question women are asked when they’re at an age where they are expected by society to have settled down and start thinking about starting a family. There have been many Christmas dinners and family get-togethers where grandparents, parents, and the extended family have looked at me over their wine glasses and asked […]

Don’t let pain change your game

To me, running a gym is probably the most satisfying job in the world. I love helping people to live a better life by improving their health and fitness levels. However, sometimes getting a person in a ‘ready state’; to make improvements or changes can be challenging. More often than not there are mental barriers […]


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