We’re delighted to reveal our new partnership with LoveBiz Networking® headed up by the wonderful Sue Crooks, The LoveBiz Networking® Founder. What makes LoveBiz Networking® unique? It’s for women only and the priority is to build relationships in the first instance and do business and pass referrals second.  It’s due to this that LoveBiz aligns […]

A Year of COVID-19

Welcome to the first quarterly issue of SOCIALight Magazine for 2021! We hope you enjoy our content-packed, chunky issue which we’ve worked hard on to bring you a variety of topics surrounding numerous themes.  In March 2020, we began to hear the following words and phrases circulating. ‘COVID-19’, ‘Coronavirus’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Unprecedented’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Self-isolation’, ‘Furlough,’ and […]

When Are You Having Kids?

It’s a common question women are asked when they’re at an age where they are expected by society to have settled down and start thinking about starting a family. There have been many Christmas dinners and family get-togethers where grandparents, parents, and the extended family have looked at me over their wine glasses and asked […]

Don’t let pain change your game

To me, running a gym is probably the most satisfying job in the world. I love helping people to live a better life by improving their health and fitness levels. However, sometimes getting a person in a ‘ready state’; to make improvements or changes can be challenging. More often than not there are mental barriers […]

The 2020 Round-Up

Wow, what a year it has been! With a lot of ups, downs, peaks, and troughs I imagine every single one of you has experienced this pandemic differently from each other, with both good and bad things happening as a result. It has been a weird year, and with that said, we hope that this […]

Why someones body is none of your damn business

Your body is not for someone else to comment on. Ever. Say it louder for those at the back. A person’s body is their businesses and theirs alone. And unwelcome, unwanted comments about a person’s body is not only obtrusive, rude and offensive… it’s quite frankly, dangerous. We seem to live in a society where […]

“But you don’t look sick.”

If you are someone that suffers from an invisible illness, and you’ve heard these words, then you know how hurtful they can be. Whether they come from someone with good intentions or not, that sentence makes you feel like in some way you are faking your illness and are being scrutinised as someone who might […]

It’s okay to not be okay

This month’s issue focuses on the important topic of mental health. 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health conditions or illnesses, meaning that it’s a lot more common than you might think. In this issue, we cover a range of topics and hear the real stories of people that live with certain mental health […]

Knowledge is Power

This month’s issue focuses on the topic of education. And in particular, women’s education. School is a huge part of our lives, and we attend these institutions when we are most impressionable. Here we take a look at the huge task on the shoulders of teachers, as well as the things that are impacting education […]

Here is to good health…

This month’s issue focuses on the topic of women’s health. In 2005, analysis of the X chromosome (the female sex chromosome) found ‘that women are genetically more complicated than men’ and whilst we have been known to have higher pain thresholds, we’ve also got a complex reproductive system that can often cause a variety of […]


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