Issue 1

Why turning 30 feels like a big deal…

They call it the big three-oh. But, is leaving your twenties really as big a deal as people make out?

For career women, particularly those in the digital industry, celebrating another milestone birthday can be daunting. For some reason, 30 is one of the most dreaded milestones. As someone who has just turned thirty, I totally get it. This is the age where you’re meant to think about settling down and having children. Or at least, if you haven’t already, you start to feel the pressure to begin thinking about it and planning what your next steps in life are.

There is no right time (or wrong time) to do certain things in life. You can have children at any age, change the direction of your career at any time and experience life in the order you wish to, without drawing criticism from others. The world is your oyster. But for some reason, many women feel as though at some point in their life they are going to have to make a huge decision when it comes to having a family and their career. 

Although equality has been something we’ve had to fight for over history to the present day, there are still huge gaps between the sexes. As women, the pressure is always on us to juggle a family life as well as work life.

We’re told that we can have it all, but sometimes, the balance is a difficult one to maintain.

Lanie – Editor-in-Chief
Celebrating turning 30

In this issue of SOCIALight, we have asked career women with completely different backgrounds and circumstances about the choices they made when it came to their career and motherhood.

We welcome to hear your thoughts about turning thirty, about having children as well as a career and from anyone who felt as though they had to choose one or the other. Tweet us using the hashtag #thebigthreeoh 

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