Breaking down company silos

breaking down office silos

It’s a topic that is covered in Google’s Squared Online course, with a strong emphasis on making a change internally to create a digital ready culture in the workplace. Breaking down company silos is about having all departments across a company working together, sharing knowledge and skills as well as keeping a line of communication open that benefits both the company and the clients.

Every single one of us that works in digital will need the support or resources from another department at some point in our job. It could be that you find that you need certain expertise, information or assistance from a different department in order to do your job to the best of your ability. 

Lanie – Editor-in-Chief

Companies that have a silo mentality are often those that struggle with poor communication and a lack of awareness. It is often not realised that relationships between departments don’t just affect an individuals workload, it can also impact the company as a whole.

Encouraging the breaking down of company silos is a positive movement and can be started by any member of the organisation, whether you are in a junior position or in leadership. It is often found that departments that collaborate, understand each others roles and that value/appreciate each other’s work, creates a more effective and efficient workplace.

Working together, knowledge sharing and team work mean that deadlines are met, work is finished at a higher quality and more goals are achieved and met. As well as having positive effects on ROI, having a workforce that work collaboratively can also boost morale. 

As a woman working in digital, you can begin the movement of breaking down company silos, simply by befriending people in different departments and opening up a line of communication. It’s also a way to learn more about another department if you have a particular interest in another specialism.

Tell us about your experience of working in a siloed company and how you’re taking steps to break them down.

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