Issue 2

The issue for kick-ass women!

It's issue two! Here we talk about some seriously kick-ass women. Starting with the Katniss Everdeen of our time, Greta Thunberg and some of her fellow female youth activists who are turning up the noise to be heard by politicians in the fight against climate change.

Our feature interview is with Amy McManus, who we briefly mentioned in our first issue. Having recently given a talk on digital burnout and imposter syndrome at BrightonSEO, we were keen to find out all about what drives Amy to be the determined and successful business owner she is today. 

Amy McManus – AM Marketing

We always want to provide insight from a diverse range of women in digital, of all ages, sexualities, and ethnicities. That’s why we’re on the lookout for women in digital who want to feature in our issues to discuss topics they care about.

But as you know, it’s not all about women… we at SOCIALight very much align our values and ethos with feminism as being the fight for equality. And we know that there are men in the ranks that are also proud advocates for the equality of the sexes. In this issue, we hear from Matthew, an environmental consultant. He gives insight into why the call for more women in STEM roles is integral in the fight for equality.

As with every issue, we are looking to go to task on some serious issues and topics that plight women in digital. This issue we look at panic attacks in the workplace, how to deal with them if you are the sufferer and how to be there for someone if you are witness to one.

SOCIALight Magazine – Issue 2

It’s not always easy to raise mental health in the workplace, but by continuing the conversation and breaking down taboos, we would like it to become the new norm. 

As always, we welcome your thoughts and opinions on the conversations we are having. Please do write in with any questions you may have, whether you require advice, have suggestions or opinions on topics we’ve covered or simply to get in touch.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Like our Facebook page and we can invite you to our online community forum, where you can get involved with the discussion about the articles in this issue.

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