Issue 15

A Year of COVID-19

Welcome to the first quarterly issue of SOCIALight Magazine for 2021! We hope you enjoy our content-packed, chunky issue which we’ve worked hard on to bring you a variety of topics surrounding numerous themes. 

In March 2020, we began to hear the following words and phrases circulating. ‘COVID-19’, ‘Coronavirus’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Unprecedented’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Self-isolation’, ‘Furlough,’ and ‘Shielding’. All of which have become part and parcel of our standard vocabulary as we adjust to a new normal living with the Coronavirus.

In this issue, we take a look at some of the industries that have been impacted by the pandemic and what the future holds for them. We shine a spotlight on education, pets, travel, businesses, jobs, healthcare, housing, mental health, money, parenting, politics, relationships, young people, and the environment. 

Every single person has been affected by the pandemic in one way or another, some have benefitted and some have not. It’s been a rollercoaster time for so many businesses, as well as the self-employed and freelance. In this issue, we take a look at changing your career path during the pandemic, the future of events, and the rise of flexible working.

It’s also with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with LoveBiz Networking®. What makes LoveBiz Networking® unique is that it is women-only, and the priority is to build relationships in the first instance and do business and pass referrals second. We feel as though our mission and values align perfectly and we look forward to sharing our collaboration news with you shortly and sharing updates on upcoming events!

This month we feature five professional interviews with Corrie Jones, Francesca Baker, Gemma Saint, Gina Lucia, and Katherine Heath. It might have been a challenging and tumultuous time for business but it hasn’t stopped these ladies from progressing with their careers and continuing their journeys in their fields.

As always, we have our regular columns from the brilliant SOCIALight team for you to enjoy. EmpowHER, HotSpot, In The News, Mum’s the Word, Money Talks, PULSE, HealthLab, CareerHUB, Healthy Place, A La Mode, and our monthly book review. 

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