Housebound with Kids

Here Vicky Ann Salomon tells us about the Housebound with Kids Initiative.

“When so many of us have to stay apart; here is a place where we can come together. A chance for families to document and share their fun crafts and activities; and to offer words of support and tips to other families.

Our 70,000+ community has evolved into a resource for craft and activity ideas, community and togetherness for families all around the world. It’s created by families – for families. It is about the community coming together to show us real things that they have done as a family that have brought them joy.

I started the Housebound with Kids Facebook group in mid-March 2020 as I have four young children and knew I needed to have a supportive community around me. I thought others might want one too. Facebook contacted me to say how brilliant the group was and asked to feature us in their More Together campaign – the video that they made for the group has had 8.7million views to date.

We noticed the need to have a resource which collates all of the fantastic craft and activity ideas in one place. We wanted to encourage anyone contributing to add a bit of background information about themselves, along with any supportive comments and tips they may have for the community. This is a feature that feels important to include – as it gives others the chance to see the real life picture of what is going on in the person’s life, and not just see the beautiful craft or fun activity on its own. We are very aware that seeing other peoples’ highlight reels alone can lead to feelings of inadequacy in others. It is a space where we can be supportive of one another.”

How to Take Part

If anyone would like to take part in this project, they can go to the website and submit their ideas.

Anyone wanting to see craft, activity ideas, and supportive messages are welcome to browse the website and connect to our Facebook community at .

It is completely free to get involved. Instagram @houseboundwithkids

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