Going self-employed

going self employed

We have seen a massive change in the financial landscape over the last couple of months and with an increase in redundancies. As a result, we have also seen a large increase in the self-employed, myself included. 

As of April, I was made redundant, and unlike many, I had definitely seen this coming, but it was no less devastating. After a good month of searching for jobs in the area, calling companies that were either entirely closed or mostly furloughed, I realised that my only options were either freelance or a rapid change in career path. 

So I did both, I applied for carer jobs, hospital jobs and aggressively marketed my existing skills. Turns out Tesco’s have an application process just short of Oxford and Cambridge (I have a bachelor’s and was turned down for ‘not meeting the minimum requirements’), and many carer training sessions have had to be postponed due to self-isolating staff etc. So much for my want to contribute! I did manage to make some facemasks etc and send those out, however. 

Freelancing has been a bit of a wild ride and I’m getting there. It turns out a lot of smaller businesses know they currently need social graphics and animations, and just don’t have the budget for, or are intimidated by larger agencies. I think some agencies are also seeing a spike in businesses that realise just how badly they need advertising in this challenging time to stay relevant. 

The next few months I will be navigating (exciting) invoicing systems, tax, the difference between being self-employed or having a limited company and very likely calling my HR friend crying a few times because it’s a bit confusing. Also when and how to get hold of an accountant? Looking forward to taking you on this journey with me. 

I wanted to extend my sympathies this month to anyone that has been put in a similar position, and let you know that all of us at SOCIALight are here for you. If like me, COVID-19 has seen your circumstances change, get in touch and let us know your journey.

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