Who is Juno Dawson and what is the London Trilogy?

Emily Vierke tells us about Juno Dawson's new novel 'Wonderland.' Find Emily on Instagram @emilyrosevee

With the release of Wonderland, the third young adult novel within the London Trilogy, I take a look inside the intriguing world of Juno Dawson and her equally intriguing novels. Born in Yorkshire but currently residing in Brighton, Juno Dawson is an award winning novelist who has created content for the Guardian, Attitude Magazine and Dazed.

She transitioned from James Dawson to Juno Dawson in 2015 and throughout the process wrote an honest and insightful column for GLAMOUR, taking readers through her exciting and life-changing journey.

Five years later Juno has announced that her wonderfully candid and of course successful novels Clean, Meat Market and Wonderland AKA The London Trilogy have been greenlit by indie production company The Lighthouse.

Described as Gossip Girl meets Girl Interrupted, Clean follows the life of heiress Lexi Volkov whose brother drags her to rehab after her self-sabotaging party girl lifestyle goes too far.

Following Lexi on her journey of self-discovery, Clean is full of honest characters, relevant themes and devastating truths.

A year later Dawson graced our bookshelves with Meat Market, the story of sixteen year old Jana Novak who falls headfirst into the devastating world of modelling. Beneath the glamour and beauty the fashion industry is a pernicious society that is dragging Jana down with every click of a camera.

To complete the series, in May of this year Juno released Wonderland. An equally addictive and sincere story, Wonderland follows the aptly named Alice; a transgender teen whose invite to a weekend long party completely changes her life.

In her novels Juno tackles privilege and injustice as well as sexism, abuse and the unforgiving world of addiction in a hard-hitting way that teens of today can relate to. Although classed as young adult novels ‘The London Trilogy’ is an explicit and gut-wrenching collection of tales that will have you nodding along to the familiarity and gasping with shock in the same paragraph.

There is a reason Juno Dawson’s books are always on the Must Read lists, make sure she’s on yours too.

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