Somebody give this heart a pen by Sophia Thakur


If you’re a creative, read this book.

Sophia Thakur’s book of poetry explores issues that many women deal with: self-consciousness, impostor syndrome, societal judgement, grief, empowerment, jealousy, and social anxiety, interspersed with moments of calm.

That list sounds morose, but her style of writing is more like a comforting, inspiring hug, knowing that you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.

Sophia is known as a performance poet, and as I was reading the book, I could almost hear the heartbeat rhythm of each piece.

As a poetry lover, I’ve always been surprised at the strange phenomenon that self-help books are far more popular than poetry collections when they can be so beautiful, moving, motivational, and thought-provoking.

One poem that particularly resonated with me was ‘Rise To You’ – it’s powerfully motivational with a ‘get up off your ass’ – my new morning mantra.

This book couldn’t have a better title – for the majority of the poems, it truly feels as though somebody gave my heart a pen.

For those of us who have lost a loved one, her pieces on grief capture the raw sorrow and pain, embracing you in the knowledge that there are words to describe what you’re feeling. 

I’m also finding one specific line useful in helping me focus on being calm and taking time for myself, particularly during our current lockdown situation:

“Be with yourself for a moment. Airplane mode everything but yourself for a moment.”

So if you want to rekindle your love of poetry, or are just stretching your poetic wings, I recommend this book – Sophia’s style is easy to understand without minimising its potency.

I’ll leave you with this quote to hype you up, from ‘The Groove’:

“Yes, you have been broken / but girl, you still know how to work it.”

Somebody Give This Heart A Pen is available from October books and at all good bookshops (RRP £7.99)


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