Girl Power Issue 8

In the Eyes of the Law

In this issue, we took a deep dive into the history of women within the police force, looking through the timeline of events that got us to where we are today. We discuss when women were allowed to apply, when they were first given truncheons to protect themselves and at what point they were gifted with the powers of arrest. It’s an interesting look into the past with some brilliant steps forward for women.

Bringing us back to the present time, we spoke to two inspirational women who are currently working for the police, giving us insight into the world of policing and discussing issues such as mental health, a widely discussed topic for those working in the force.

This month we did some research into anti-diet culture, something that seems to be taken off along with the body positivity movement. With the help of viral movements such as iWeigh by Jameela Jamil, we’re seeing women taking back control of most things in their lives, including their bodies. We spoke to Kristen and The Body Love Society about their views on the movement.

With the coronavirus dominating news and headlines, we’ve written a feature about the dangerous consequences of fake news. It’s out there but how do we spot it? We also took a look into the Everyday Sexism movement that has exploded on Twitter over the last few years. We dug into how it was created, the woman behind it and the result of the popular hashtag.

It’s May, the month our editor was meant to be getting married, along with thousands of soon to be brides and grooms! She decided to delve into the different wedding traditions we abide by, even in modern ceremonies and celebrations to this day. She picks apart their origins and meanings. Some of them may shock you!

As with every issue, we have our A La Mode column headed up by Maria, Healthy Place by Lara, HotSpot, MoneyTalks, In the News by Annabel, and our monthly book review by Tassia. We also welcome two brand new columns, Health Tap by Amy who is going to be writing about sports and fitness and Career Hub by Beverley who will talk us through career progression, change, and journeys!

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