Girl Power Issue 4

Transforming the Workplace

Lucy moved to Southampton for university eight years ago, and after graduating with degrees in Physics with Astronomy and a Masters in Creative Writing she made the city her home.

Not a stranger to the spotlight, Lucy has been acting from a young age, with highlights including a performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and directing a version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Ruddygore,’ performed with the Operative Society. 

An avid reader and writer, her first novel was published in 2019. If that wasn’t enough, she is also the lead guitarist in the trans-queer punk-rock band Hunting Hearts. 

We had the pleasure of talking to her about her experience as a trans woman, particularly when it comes to broaching the subject in the workplace.

My advice of being true and confident in the face of adversity is easier said than done and can seem impossible at times, but your identity is yours to make and yours to share in the way and at the time you wish. It’s not wrong to get angry, to be upset, to hold people to account just because they don’t understand. You are right. You are valid. You are worth fighting for.


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