Welcome to the first issue of SOCIALight!

The first issue of SOCIALight is packed with content on imposter syndrome, why you should be breaking down silos and more.

We had a vision – to create an e-magazine for women in the digital industry where there is no judgment, no topic that is off-limits and to provide an open and positive space to discuss a range of topics relating to our careers.

Recently, there have been articles highlighting how the digital industry has rising stress levels, a higher record of ‘burnout’ and a struggle with offering a work/life balance. 

As a team of women who work in the digital marketing world, we know how hard it can sometimes be to keep up with ever changing trends, tight deadlines, heightened responsibility and sometimes… self-doubt.

We felt there was a gap in the market to begin a conversation, with the view of creating a network of like minded digital women. A support network, so to speak.

Issue One of SOCIALight Magazine

The name SOCIALight ties in with the conversation we are attempting to start. Shining a light on issues or problems faced within our industry and championing and praising the positives too. 

The SOCIALight Team

We want our articles and stories to inspire, to create a sense of relief for readers who thought they were alone with the issues we cover and to spark a two-way conversation.

We invite you to write in with any questions you may have, whether you require advice, have suggestions or opinions on topics we’ve covered or simply to get in touch.

Throughout our first issue, you’ll find a range of articles touching on topics to do with the digital industry. From burnout, imposter syndrome, through to money matters and more. We hope to bring fresh and relevant content to you each month.

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