Our Mission

An online magazine shining a light on women in digital.

We had a vision - to create an e-magazine for women in the digital industry where there is no judgment, no topic that is off-limits and to provide an open and positive space to discuss a range of topics relating to our careers.

The name SOCIALight ties in with the conversation we are attempting to start. Shining a light on issues or problems faced within our industry and championing and praising the positives too.

Women in Digital includes but is not limited to: Copy Writers, Account Managers, Sales & Business, Freelancers, Social Media Strategists, Public Relations, Developers, Business Owners, HR Administrators, Accounts and so many more women smashing it in their chosen careers.

Lanie Bayliss – Editor-in-Chief

Giving a voice to all women in all areas of business.

Our magazine aims to champion, promote and shine a spotlight on the kick-ass women working day in and day out to progress their careers. Whether they are juggling motherhood with a career, climbing the ladder, smashing the glass ceiling, exceeding expectations or looking to break into a particular industry… our magazine is for all of you.

When we say we’re shining a light on the digital industry, the misconception is that we are only talking about graphic designers, web developers and the like. In fact, we believe that digital touches and affects every single industry and every single job role. Whether you’re in accounts, HR, a project manager, a freelancer or other, we believe this magazine is relevant to a range of audiences and women as a whole.

We aim to publish articles that cover a range of topics. Some of our articles tackle subjects such as money management, Imposter syndrome, digital burnout, postnatal depression, fertility, career progression, mental health and much more.

Getting the Conversation started

We are attempting to start a conversation about women’s issues, but we also want to promote more women coming together and discussing issues they feel passionate about, that they struggle with on the daily and to talk about them in a space where they feel understood rather than judged. Follow us on social media, we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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