Work/Life Balance Unlocked

The High-Powered Jobs

It has been known that typically by the age of 35-40 a certain amount of people have already reached the peak of their career. Then in May 2020 a staggering amount of over eight million people were furloughed, many of these were almost at the peak of their careers.

There are many ways you can excel in a job, moving yourself up the career ladder. Many of these things a twenty-something-year-old would seize the opportunity to do so. However, when you get to a certain age and have a family life, would you still feel the same?

Having a high-paced job as a single young person can be a great benefit, having the ability to work long hours and bring home a large salary which sometimes leaves spending money or money to save after paying all the bills. Years after building a career can also (most of the time) lead to a pay rise regularly, which is a great substantial start in life for anyone.

Many of these people came back from this (post-Covid) and some had to start over again. Over lockdown, some had taken the opportunity to gain a qualification through distance learning. Others used the time to take up a creative hobby, to help their mental health. Some of these resulted in lucrative businesses. Bloggers and social media influencers became an extremely lucrative way of earning, some of them hitting the peak amount of followers over lockdown. This encouraged influencers to earn a comfortable wage.

Work vs Personal Life

As we all get to a certain age, life becomes more significant. Spending time with loved ones. Lockdown helped many realise that life is more important than an hour’s train journey to an office where that high-powered fast-paced job awaits.

The more people I speak to the more I hear of many saying that they ideally would like a good work and personal life balance. Over the last twenty or so years, the amount of people who have said that they love their job has dropped by a shocking 17%. Job satisfaction since 2005 has risen, marginally. However, in the last two years, job satisfaction has staggeringly risen by 60%. Could this be the thought process behind the change from having a higher salary and good job to being healthy and happy?

There are more and more people rightly so putting their health before their career, more and more that are deciding that it’s more important to have a healthy work/life balance over the pressures of work. Unfortunately, the price of living continues to rise. Utility bills are rising at a rate of high speed and records have shown that the inflation prices in the last year have risen by a staggering 9.1%.

Because of this and other reasons, many are returning to their original chosen career, with the ability to both work from home and the office. This is where the term ‘hybrid’ working comes from. Job vacancies are on the rise again, as a new record of 1,300,000 vacancies was an increase from the 503,000 which was the level in pre-Covid times.

On reflection Looking back to pre-Covid times, it seems that the general public hadn’t realised how much our jobs impacted our lives. Those who have worked their way to the top in high-powered jobs were still working all hours, some doing so because they enjoyed what they did. There were others that were supporting families and making ends meet.

When Covid struck it gave us the time to stop and think, losing family and friends was the moment of realisation for many that there was more to life than work. It was then that many companies were almost stepping in and supporting their staff, making sure that they had a good work-life balance. On some level. Because ultimately, they too were going through this, they realised that their staff were and they should be as their employers looking out for their wellbeing.

Living the best life

So given what has happened in the past two years, it seems the best way to live your best life is all about balance. Work is important for some more than others, for financial reasons mainly. But we all now realise that having that balance between work and our personal lives are important more than ever.

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