The New Normal, Isn’t So New

the new normal

“Half of British workers (50%) are still working from home at least some of the time, up from 37% before the pandemic. And an even higher number (60%) would prefer to work remotely always or some of the time if they could choose.”


Many of us have experienced a shift in lifestyle due to the coronavirus, whether it has meant a change in the way we work, a new career direction, finding a new job altogether or quitting to start a business or becoming self-employed. The last two years have seen a huge shift in priorities for many, with a work/life balance becoming largely important and a new flexible/hybrid and remote working solution being a preferable option for many that don’t miss the long commute times and intense or high-pressure days in a traditional office setting.

But whilst things have been shifting and changing and a new normal has been established for many – are there parts of our new ways that have the same issues and problems as before? 

Let’s take a look at what hasn’t changed… read the full article in the latest print edition of SOCIALight Magazine.

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