We stand with Ukraine

we stand with ukraine

Whilst we watch the horrors of the invasion of Ukraine unfold, we find ourselves asking how we can help. And although we may have an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, we also feel fear on the behalf of those in Ukraine, the surrounding countries and also Russians who are worried, anxious and wondering what the outcome of Putin’s military action will be.

The first thing to remember is to be kind.

How can we help?

With Russia known for spreading propaganda and creating false information to daze and confuse, it’s more important than ever to check your sources before sharing them as fact.

As well as fact-checking information you share, it’s integral that you thoroughly research before you pledge funds or materials to help Ukraine, to make sure you are not putting your donation into the wrong hands or falling for a scam.

Useful Resources

Ukrainians on the ground have created and begun circulating information and resources to point people in the right direction to true information about the background of the current situation, as well as links to relevant charities and organisations that need donations and fundraising to assist Ukraine’s humanitarian efforts.

We share some of these below:

Write to your MP

Write to your MPs to push for sanctions and support. The Ukrainian Institute has provided an easy way to find your MP’s contact details and they have drafted a template letter here available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Attend Peaceful Demonstration’s

Communities such as Euromaidan are active on social media, discussing plans to demonstrate in London and other areas of the UK.

Support local charities

Support Journalism

It’s important that the world continues to hear from people in Ukraine and is aware of what is happening. By reading the latest from The Kyiev Independent and the New Voice of Ukraine you are hearing the stories from the people of Ukraine themselves. According to The Guardian, The Kyiv Independent says it was created by journalists in order to defend editorial independence.

Spread a message of kindness and unity

Unfortunately, there will be many that use the current circumstances to discriminate and launch hate crimes against people from different countries. Not every Russian approves of the events unfolding today and it is important to remember that many people from Russia or who live there today are just as saddened and just as helpless as we are.

Spread awareness, join demos and have your voice heard… but do it in the name of peace.

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