An interview with Buckso Dhillon-Woolley

Buckso Dhillon-Woolley

We had a sit down with Buckso Dhillon-Woolley, a Professional Speaker, Spiritual Wellbeing Practitioner + Self Empowerment Coach, and Energy Healer Mental Health First Aider.

“I’ve always known what I wanted to do for a career, but all of that changes as we get older and priorities shift. I went into the world of acting quite late in life at the age of 37. I have been an actress for over thirteen years now and along the way things have evolved and changed, particularly in the industry. Moreso when my father passed in Jan 2020, that was further compounded by the pandemic. 

The pandemic kind of made me realise that my current job was something I needed to pursue further. I’m an Actor and (now Spiritual Wellbeing Practitioner as well), so of course that industry along with so many others, came to a grinding halt and so, I was left thinking what the HECK does this leave me with now?! And so it made me realise that ALL of us creatives NEED to ensure we have something passive that can always earn us the money we need to live, instead of settling for waiting tables or bar work. We have MORE than that to offer the world!

I was forced to look at why I did not do anything with my coaching certification that I got back in 2017 (due to the world of acting coming to a standstill!) as I lamented the possibility I’d have probably had a few clients during the lockdown, so it made me review it and add more skills to the toolbox.”

The Misconceptions About What I Do

“There is a common misconception that as an Actor, it must be SO glamorous and great to ‘see all these celebs’. 

As a Spiritual Coach well, it’s slightly disappointing to hear folks ‘poo-poo the woo-woo’ as it were! Especially when they’ve never given it a chance. The impact I’ve had in MY life from having opened myself up to the huge potential of my consciousness has been phenomenal both mentally AND physically! Now, I’ve yet to really have any thoughts on the generic coaching out there but, I DO feel the coaching world IS over promising and underdelivering in some aspects and so maybe some of the ‘misconceptions’ out there have some validity.”

Being a Woman in Business

“I massively agree that there is a lack of women in the industry! Again it goes back to women stepping up INTO their power fearlessly, collaborating with other freethinkers and MAKING it happen for ourselves, we HAVE to work together and NOT see each other as competition, that’s what I help women to release from their quantum fields, its that which holds them back!

Thankfully as I work for myself I’m able to stay out of that cesspit that is ‘patriarchal control’ but there definitely IS a need for change in that arena and as mentioned before women CAN have their equality and power if they stick together and make a stand!

REAL women who are in my social media world and are accessible, that have achieved through sheer tenacity and just GOING for it inspire me daily. Who are now leading a fulfilled, balanced lifestyle (although I also LOVE Oprah!)

What I love about my role most is the variety AND I get to make a difference! No two days are ever the same and I never realised how amazing a feeling one gets from a testimonial!

Being self-employed is something more women should definitely consider doing if they are feeling mega unfulfillment in their current role. There’s a lot of reasons why women choose to go work for themselves but I’d say be careful of the reason you have as it can diminish in importance over time.”

Discussions around Mental Health and Digital Burnout

“It’s NO WAY near spoken about enough!!! I’m training as a Mental Health first aider because I know there needs to be more of a voice for that topic but, I think there are now inklings of it being a “thing” to discuss. Digital burnout hasn’t even really surfaced in the way of conversation in my world, do people even know it’s a thing!?”

The Future

“Personally, I think the nefarious ones will be revealed as the public are NOT going to tolerate being missold to and I really DO feel the days of personal/spiritual/self-development are going to be on the rise as the universities etc aren’t delivering, folks realise they can go to a private company pay the same and still come out with a recognised qualification to do what THEY want with their life. Not just some souped-up degree that they’re never going to use again and spend their lifetime paying back.”

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