An interview with Aimee Joseph

Aimee Joseph

Aimee Joseph is an Award-Winning Social Media Specialist with 10 year’s digital marketing experience gained from working in top agencies and in-house for big brands.

I set up my Digital Marketing consultancy in 2018, Brand Love Solutions, offering affordable Social Media, SEO and Content Solutions for UK brands. 

“I got lucky. I always knew I would choose a career I love over one that paid very well. Yet I fell into a career that I love and pays well! My boyfriend at the time suggested I look into Marketing because I love psychology and he felt I would be great at it. Whilst researching online, I came across Digital Marketing, which at the time, I had no idea what it meant. I went for a Social Media Trainee job and joined a Top Digital Marketing agency at a time when Social Media started to explode. And the rest is history.

I had been working in Digital since 2010, and in 2017, I began working for Nectar in London as Social Media Manager, working on big-budget campaigns and collaborating with the wider team. Within one year of being Social media Manger, I launched a campaign that I designed and managed throughout Christmas which won the first Digital award for Nectar as ‘Best Multi-channel campaign’ in the 2017 Wayin Global Awards. I was inspired by my manager at that time to broaden my specialism due to my in-depth understanding of the wider marketing mix. This led to the launch of my consultancy, Brand Love Solutions. 

I named my consultancy Brand Love Solutions because my ethos is that if you turn a business into a brand people love, then all your marketing activities will deliver a high ROI. We focus on SEO, Social Media and Content Strategy, but always take a holistic approach to strategy and advise on brand positioning.”

Advice for Women Looking to Break into Marketing

“My advice would be to ensure you keep your finger on the pulse. The digital marketing industry changes rapidly. You need to keep up to date with all the new changes to platforms, the new features and most importantly, you need to use all the platforms yourself. Immerse yourself in each platform and look at what brands are doing. This should spark off creativity and allow you to speak with confidence and clarity when being interviewed.

There is always so much to do! I never get bored, which is essential for my ADHD. I love that I can choose the clients we work with. And when I take on project work with set objectives, this keeps me focused and offers an even greater variety to my working week.

The best thing is having the freedom to set your own schedule and choose the clients you work with! The worst thing is not being paid for holidays and the finance admin.

The biggest challenge has been overcoming the misconception that I am a Social Media Expert. My expertise is much wider than that. I have worked on various successful SEO projects, yet due to client confidentiality, I am unable to reveal the details. And I don’t believe anyone can be a Social Media Expert! There are too many platforms and too many updates that mean the needle is being moved all the time. You always need to be testing and learning as the landscape changes.”

Burnout and Mental Health

“When I first went self-employed, I struggled to switch off. I was constantly working. Eventually, this led to being stressed all the time and I was unable to relax. Delegation has never been my strong point but after 6 months, I realised I need to hire staff and learn how to delegate efficiently. 

Exercise is essential. I love listening to music whilst I exercise. 

As I am glued to the laptop for hours, I make sure I take a stretching break every 2 hours. I have been trying to meditate also as it has proven benefits for de-stressing, but I will be honest, I struggle to get into it and quieten my mind!

I started to suffer from anxiety about 4 years ago. It is something that you think you understand until you get it. There is also a lot of misconception about what anxiety is. I wish it was merely just worrying. It has been debilitating at times.

I don’t drink alcohol anymore and learnt the art of breathing. It sounds silly, but apparently, we are breathing all wrong. Deep breaths are essential for de-stressing. I discovered various breathing techniques which help calm down my heart rate when anxious. Distracting myself when I am anxious helps massively. If I start to feel too anxious, I remove myself from the situation and get stuck into doing something else; whether that’s walking my dog, cleaning my flat or going for a walk. Once I re-direct my attention, I start to feel calmer. It’s all about controlling your mind and choosing what to focus on.

I think many companies are doing great things with mental health lately. We still have a long way to go. There is a huge amount of stigma that needs addressing. I think it will take time but I hope we will see mental health as something that needs the same attention as physical health, without the judgement. Starting in schools would be a good place!

I think HR teams should have a couple of Mental Health specialists. It would be great if companies had an in-house counsellor. I think this would benefit a huge amount of people and result in happier, more productive staff.”


“Ben Francis – founder of Gymshark. He is only 25 and a huge inspiration. He also seems like a great guy from his LinkedIn posts. In 2012, aged just 20 he started Gymshark. five years later, the company annual sales hit £41m, and Gymshark has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and operates online in 10 international markets. Now, this is a major inspiration. He proves that branding is everything when it comes to being successful with a digital-first socially driven strategy.

I am unsure if I agree that there are a lack of female role models in the industry. I think it’s more of a case of less spotlight on them in mainstream media. There are plenty of female role models, you just need to seek them out.”

The Future of Digital

“The fundamental aspects of marketing won’t change that much. I do think we will see an even greater uplift in companies going online and investing more money into a multi-channel digital presence. 

I am looking forward to the change in the working world due to Coronavirus. Many companies will end up completely overhauling their systems to enable teams to work from home. We are going to see a major shift in what is the norm for our working lives.”

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