Issue 16

Lives on Hold

As we enter the summer months we are starting to enjoy the slow easing of restrictions, the chance to reunite with family members and friends and we welcome the opportunity to make new memories after a hard and challenging year of isolation. 

2020 and the first few months of 2021 have been difficult for many, in this issue we hear from people who put their lives on hold whether it was postponing or cancelling major life events, going through life-changing circumstances alone or seeing a huge disruption to important and impactful life plans.

In this issue, we welcome a brand new column ‘Conscious Growth’, written by the lovely Baiba, discussing all things diversity and inclusivity related. We hope you enjoy this alongside our regular columns In the News, Healthy Place, HealthLAB, CareerHUB, EmpowHER, Money Talks, PULSE and A La Mode.

We are so pleased to announce that our travel column ‘HotSpot’ has partnered with Joanne Ioannou from the Travel Counsellors. We’ll be bringing you news of the latest trips and once in a lifetime travel opportunities that she has to offer as well as an insight into how travel counsellors are revolutionising the travel industry. 

This month the founder of LoveBiz Networking® shares with us her top networking tips. Although COVID has disrupted the events industry and forced us online, Sue is a true advocate of networking online, having made a huge success of it over the last year and a half. Keeping connected has been integral to life in the pandemic and Sue explains how she managed to keep the human touch online.

This month we feature three professional interviews with Chloe Metzger, Laura Hampton and Katie Thompson. If you’re interested in being interviewed for a future issue, please do get in touch with us by dropping us an email at We’re interested in hearing about your career journey, your advice for other women looking to break into a similar industry to you and your thoughts on industry-related topics and current affairs.

Other topics discussed in this issue include working from home, the importance of correctly pronouncing people’s names, the subject of how taking up less space in the world is deemed an attractive quality, the benefits of having a professional mentor, unlocking at your own pace and much more.

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