Current Affairs Issue 15

Are we in the same boat?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the diversity of the population and drawn a focus on inequality. There is no single way of facing and experiencing the pandemic and every single person has a different story to tell. 

When it comes to celebrities and z-listers – to many – swiping through Instagram may have you feeling that the pandemic isn’t actually seeing us ‘all in it together.’ We’re scrolling past tropical holiday photo shots, images of swanky mansions with indoor pools, we’re being faced with evidence of covid-breaches and no social distancing yet with no repercussions for the rule breaks because… well they’re not us. 

The phrase that ‘we’re all in the same boat’ just doesn’t seem to be ringing true in this case or scenario and it is starting to grate.

Are we in the same boat? 

If we are it’s most likely that we’re on board the Titanic. With the third class passengers being locked into their small cell-like rooms whilst the rich and wealthy get into the lifeboats – of which there are not enough to save everyone. 

“One of the things that the current situation has done is to blow up the idea that we’re all in it together. That was the government message: that rich and poor alike, we’re all at risk. Well, we’re not… you look at these celebrities and they’re all clearly in [compound-style houses]. They’ve got walls all around them and they’re living in the lap of luxury. So for them to reach out and say ‘I understand your pain’ is a bit fanciful.


Whilst many of us in the UK battle with missing our loved ones, worrying about our jobs, dwelling on whether we’re going to be able to cover the bills this month, or simply suffering with being locked down and with our lives on hold… it’s an incredibly hard pill to swallow when we see the rich and famous living their lives as normal throughout the pandemic. 

“While some stars have reacted positively — donating money to coronavirus-related causes, or just using their platform to raise awareness about the pandemic and the importance of social distancing — others have drawn criticism for their words or actions. Whether it’s Madonna calling coronavirus ‘the great equalizer,’ or Khloe Kardashian spreading rolls of toilet paper across her sister’s yard as a joke during a shortage, there have been celebrities who’ve been problematic during the coronavirus pandemic.”


Just some of the controversial celebrity moments during the pandemic

Evangeline Lilly told people she values her “freedom” over saving lives amid her decision not to social distance.

Vanessa Hudgens received backlash after she called coronavirus deaths “inevitable.”

After begging her followers to stay home and social distance, Kylie Jenner ignored her own advice.

Celebrities like John Cusack, Keri Hilson, and Woody Harrelson spread the conspiracy theory that 5G caused the coronavirus.

Kim Kardashian came under fire for her lavish 40th birthday celebration. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star flew her family and closest friends to a private island. 

Rita Ora came under fire after throwing a party for her 30th birthday in London. The gathering was attended by 30 people and she reportedly paid a $12,000 fine for the incident.

There are plenty more to add to these examples, in fact, too many to list! 

Whilst the ‘normal people’ in the world lose their loved ones, have to meet new arrivals through windows, create makeshift plastic sheets to hug family or friends they haven’t seen for months at a time, and experience their lives being completely put on hold for the foreseeable it is no wonder there is a bitter and angry view when it comes to celebrities, influencers, and z-listers on their different experience of the pandemic. 

We aren’t in the same boat, but we are in the same storm. 

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