Current Affairs Issue 14 Motherhood

The 2020 Round-Up

Wow, what a year it has been! With a lot of ups, downs, peaks, and troughs I imagine every single one of you has experienced this pandemic differently from each other, with both good and bad things happening as a result. It has been a weird year, and with that said, we hope that this issue is a nice round off to 365 days we’d rather not repeat.

In 2021, we will be moving to quarterly issues. Why? We want to be able to spend more time putting together really thoughtful and engaging content meaning that although you may need to wait a little longer for each issue, they’ll be chunkier, packed with more content and you’ll be able to savour reading it rather than doing it in one sitting!

In this issue we look at: The amazing things that women have achieved in 2020 despite COVID set-backs, The Poland Story, The Things that Same-Sex couples STILL can’t do that straight couples can, No More Dick Pics in Finland, Love Languages, International Men’s Day, Family Estrangement, Being a first time Mum in a pandemic and lots more.

We know that Christmas isn’t the nicest time of year for everyone, and this year to be an odd one at that, many of us will be feeling lonely, cut-off, or simply disconnected. We must check in on each other this Winter and make sure friends and family are doing okay.

This month we feature three professional interviews with April Hodge, Clio Pope, and Cris Azorin. As always, we follow their career journeys and the highs and lows of their careers, mental health, and more.

As always, we have our regular columns from the brilliant SOCIALight team. EmpowHER, HotSpot, In The News, Mum’s the Word, Money Talks, and our monthly book review. 

We hope you enjoy and we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.

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