Education Issue 12

Knowledge is Power

This month’s issue focuses on the topic of education. And in particular, women’s education. School is a huge part of our lives, and we attend these institutions when we are most impressionable. Here we take a look at the huge task on the shoulders of teachers, as well as the things that are impacting education including technology, gender, demographics, and more.

We speak to Elaine, a Secondary School English Teacher, about ed-tech. Technology has its pros and cons in the classroom. This first-hand experience of how it changes learning is insightful. Our feature article looks at the influence of teachers, and how the profession is one of the most important in the UK.

Featured in this issue are two interview articles with Emma and Rebecca, both studying and learning ‘on the job.’ Learning doesn’t stop once you’ve left school, left college, or graduated. There is a whole world of information out there, at your fingertips! Do mature students find taking information easier now that they’ve matured or are younger apprentices better at being sponges?

When it comes to teaching young people about Geography and just how big the world is, we take a look at the Postcrossing initiative. All about sending and receiving postcards from strangers all over the planet. It’s a project that has been going for more than a decade and in some ways is keeping the art of handwriting alive.

In this month’s PULSE, Gillian Myhill (sex and relationship expert) takes the reigns and schools us on all things lubrication. Yep, you read that right. She talks us through the different types of lube available and discusses their benefits and drawbacks. You can thank her later!

We wanted to explore the differences in women’s education versus that of a man’s, through history. From subject segregation through to available job roles, it’s interesting how things have changed. Are women now branching out into notoriously ‘male’ subjects? Are girls still outperforming boys when it comes to grades? Find out in this issue.

As always, we have our regular columns from the brilliant SOCIALight team. Healthy Place, MoneyTalks, HealthLab, HotSpot, In the News, and our monthly book review. We hope you enjoy!

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