An interview with Roberta Nicora

Roberta Nicora

We spoke with Roberta Nicora, Digital Marketing Consultant at Dative in Madrid.

“When I was little, my dream was to become a physiotherapist like my mum. I loved to go to her studio and see everything related to her job. However, I changed my mind after attending scientific High School, realising that scientific subjects weren’t for me. At that time, I was interested in deepening my knowledge in humanities. So, I applied for a university course in Modern Language and Foreign Literatures. 

At the moment, I am a Digital Marketing Consultant at Dative. Dative is a Data-Driven Growth company, established in 2017 and currently working with Global Brands such as Gillette, Pantene, and 

However, my past has been a mix of education and working experiences. As I mentioned, once I finished scientific High School, I decided to follow my curiosities and start a university course in Modern Languages and Foreign Literature at the Catholic University of Milan. Here, I became fluent both in English and German and got an introduction to Management and Marketing. Before graduating, I was already sure that my near future would have been outside Italy, and once I finished my university course, I relocated to Bournemouth, in the United Kingdom, where I started a Master’s program in Tourism Management & Marketing. 

I believe that the years I spent at Bournemouth University have been so far the best of my life. I grew up a lot, became independent and increased my private and professional network. 

Before starting my Master’s dissertation, I decided to challenge myself with eight months of work experience in a Digital Marketing agency. The internship gave me the possibility to discover the digital world and all of its subfields. Plus, I learned so much that when I returned to university to write my dissertation, I didn’t have any problems in finding a part-time job as a Website & Social Media Administrator. 

I got my Master’s degree in November 2017 and, a month later, I signed a permanent contract as a Copywriter and Social Media Planner for an educational company based in Bournemouth. Finally, at the beginning of this year, I was offered to work remotely for the same business, so I decided to move to sunny Spain. Now, I am happily based in Madrid where, from August, I am satisfied with my position at Dative. What’s next? We’ll see!

I love the flexibility and dynamicity of my job. Every day I do something different and never get bored. 

Nowadays, getting a digital marketing position is quite difficult as the job market is very competitive. However, I believe that passion and ambition are the keys to break into this industry. 

When it comes to a lack of female role models in the industry, I don’t completely agree with it. I believe that nowadays, women have the same chances to get positions in Digital Marketing as men, reaching top job titles such as Marketing Director and CMO. 

When it comes to mental health, I think that compared to a few years ago, this topic is being spoken about more. However, I believe that there are still many people out there that suffer from mental health conditions and are afraid to share their situations with others. In a working environment, I believe that employers need to be aware of their employees’ mental health, regularly checking if they are happy. We’re all humans and we have emotions; these have to be taken into account, particularly in a working environment. 

I believe communication between employers and employees is vital to prevent mental health conditions. Also, social activities with colleagues outside the working hours can be a good way to reduce this issue. 

I believe social media is one of the most used digital channels for people to interact and communicate. Having conversations about mental health conditions on social platforms can bring both advantages and disadvantages. On one side, social media allows individuals suffering from mental health issues to talk and get help. On the other side, it’s difficult to be aware of the person people share the problems with, as millions of users are on social media daily. In this context, I firmly believe that those who suffer from mental health conditions should share their problems with someone closer such as family members or friends who are always there to help. 

I keep reading articles about future digital trends and I believe that 2020 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Assistants. Recently, I attended two events about e-commerce and Digital Marketing (NEXTLoyalty 2019 Madrid and eShow Madrid) along with having attended several speeches from experts in the area who stated that AI and voice searches will be hot topics in the next few years. Also, I am very excited to see if the role of big data in digital marketing will change and if more precise data analytics tools will be developed.”

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