An interview with Juliet Leah

Juliet Leah

We spoke to Juliet Leah, Digital Marketing Manager at Gather Social.

“I have had a passion for Marketing since I was at school. I knew that I wanted to go to university too and loved the digital side of Marketing, but never realised the kind of career I would end up in.

I was so lucky to come across Gather Social when looking for jobs after university and honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into (in the best possible way). When I joined Gather Social I was the second staff member to be hired by the Managing

Director and Founder, Samuel Evans (he finally realised that he needed help). So it was a fresh and innovative role for me to start off in and I was so lucky to have an impact straight away.

I worked out pretty early on that this was a role that I could really get my teeth into and that the more I put in the more I got out. Sam believed in me from the beginning and he gave me everything that I needed to flourish and gain more responsibility.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been many difficult and testing parts to this role but that is what I love about it, every day is a new challenge and each day I am excited to get to work. I have thrown myself into everything possible and try to just learn along the way, I think it is working well for me so far but we’ll see!

I love Gather Social and everything about it. I love the team that I work with, we are young and disruptive and everyone works together for our clients, meaning that we all have a shared vision and a shared celebration when we get results! I also love managing people and seeing them grow. That is a really rewarding thing for me and there’s a sense of pride when you see someone flourish!

Even though I love it, managing people is one of the most challenging things ever. I recently saw a quote that said “If someone’s insecurities or ego is more powerful than your advice, regardless of how hard you try, they won’t listen to your advice. They must learn the lesson for themselves.”

My advice to people starting out in their careers:

“I am a long way from this but I really want to inspire and help women in their careers, I try my best to encourage anyone I know and always have their best intentions at heart.

Something that I am seeing in the working world is people thinking that their life and career, should be laid to them on a plate. Work hard, always. Make sure you put 110% into your career, go the extra mile, stay late when you need to and do everything you can to deliver results. Minimise your excuses and work harder. Having said that, take care of yourself too, know when to say no and know when your body needs a rest.

I think the Marketing world can be perceived as quite a feminine one, due to the creativity around it. That can be quite daunting for some women and it does mean that it’s a competitive environment too. It is really sad to see so many women going against each other and seeing each other as threats, a huge piece of advice from me is to work together, big each other up! There’s room for us all.”

Digital Burnout, Social Media and Mental Health

“I have always been aware that Digital burnout is a huge risk in my role and I am genuinely paid to be on my phone or laptop for 99% of the day. I try and have a phone-free day every Sunday and I also try and have time out in the evening if I feel that I have had a digital heavy day.

Remember that you are in control of what you consume digitally, don’t let it take over your life. It frustrates me when people blame social media for the way they are feeling. The amazing thing about social media is that you are in control of what you consume, the algorithm is fed by you and you only! Take your time to invest in what you care about.

Don’t be afraid to unfollow and block!

I think there is definitely a long way to go with mental health, the journey is never ending. There is a fine line in the workplace because it is so hard to know if someone wants to be approached, and often they don’t. I think a nice comment or a simple message can be the best way to mention it, you will understand if someone is ready to talk to you, often they just need to know that you are there if needed.

Mental health doesn’t fit into a box which is why it is so hard for people to understand.

You may deal with someone in a certain way and then try the same thing with someone else and they react negatively. It is tricky. I think that people should talk to each other more and don’t be afraid to cry!

Gather Social offers free time off for staff who need therapy or other support and so I do feel very confident that no matter what myself or my staff may go through, the company will always be there for support in whatever way is needed.

I think everyone suffers with their mental health to some extent but maybe I am wrong? I have a very positive mindset and don’t tend to dwell on things for too long. I have down days all the time and they are the days where I really need to dig deep. My advice is to make the most of the people around you, reach out and be aware of how you are treating the people you love.”

Inspirations, Women in the Workplace and #yesshecan

“Both of my parents are HUGE inspirations to me, they taught me everything I needed and more whilst giving me all the love in the world. I would not be the woman I am today without them. Karen Brady. She’s brilliant and I would love to be one of Lord Sugar’s advisors one day!

I do agree that there is a lack of women role models and mentors in the industry, yes, I think that a lot of this needs to be improved by the way women respond and react to each other.

We need to worry less about showing how perfect our lives and careers are and be more real. Show the bad days, talk about the shitty colleague or the family member who made you feel like crap. Don’t rose tint everything you do. It’s ok to be stuck in a rut or feel like you aren’t as good as others, help each other more. Talk more. We will learn from each other and bring each other up!

We also need to stop seeing other women as competition, there’s room for us all. You can’t be a role model by bringing others down.

Also – stop comparing ourselves! Age/gender/qualification, they mean nothing really.

What matters is what’s underneath, what we stand for and believe.

There have been many times where I have received inappropriate comments about my gender in my career and also in my private life. I have had professionals talk about my appearance before anything else and I am never sure how to take that. I want to be noticed for being good at my job, not for a woman, and not because I am a woman. Just good at what I do.

I have also played rugby since I was 7 years old and if I had a pound for every time someone said ‘you don’t look like a rugby player’ I would be retired in the Bahamas by now!

I don’t compare myself to men or women who I work with and I want everyone to achieve their goals and be the best versions of themselves.”

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