Health Issue 11

Here is to good health…

This month’s issue focuses on the topic of women’s health. In 2005, analysis of the X chromosome (the female sex chromosome) found ‘that women are genetically more complicated than men’ and whilst we have been known to have higher pain thresholds, we’ve also got a complex reproductive system that can often cause a variety of issues.

So, in this issue, we take a look at painful periods. Should we really be suffering in silence? It’s something that we are taught to expect and accept, so we take a look into the world of women who battle with debilitating symptoms each and every month.

We join Jennifer on her IVF journey, where she candidly speaks about her rollercoaster ride when attempting to conceive. The process, the emotions, and the ups and downs are typical of so many women in the UK who are struggling to have a baby.

We also discuss ‘The Jade Goody Effect’, with smear test attendance at an all-time low, we investigate why smear tests are so important and we look into why so many women are risking cervical cancer. We detail what a smear test is and how it’s done too.

Our three interviews this month are with Jade Hampton, Laura Sheath, and Laurina. We also have a bonus interview with Samantha, who started her own business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also had a chat with Jade, owner of Jar of Clay, about her battle with depression and how jewellery making became much more than therapy for her.

This month we introduce our brand new column Mum’s the Word, written by a range of amazing women each month. This column will show the true world of motherhood, cover a variety of experiences and touch a number of topics from miscarriage, childbirth, maternity leave, juggling a career, parenting techniques and much more.

As always, we have our regular columns from the brilliant SOCIALight team. Healthy Place, MoneyTalks, A La Mode, HotSpot, HealthLab, EmpowHER, CareerHUB, In the News, and our monthly book review.

We hope you enjoy!

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