Issue 10

Women on the Front Line

Women are incredibly strong. You know that. I know that. Every day women are showing how brave, powerful, independent and unique they are in many different ways. From bearing children to climbing the ladder at work, we’re setting the bar and making it possible for the women of the future to have better opportunities than the women before them.

So it was fitting really, that this issue looks at women on the frontline of the NHS and the armed forces. We hear from them about their experiences, the impact of COVID-19, career journeys, and thoughts on several topics from mental health through to life lessons. We’re incredibly proud of all the people levelling the playing field for women in these sectors.

In this month’s issue, we discuss what it is like to online date in 2020. Speaking to two women from different age groups about their experiences of the various dating platforms available, we discover some of the trials and tribulations of being a woman online. In this month’s PULSE column, we talk about a subject too many women are shying away from: female masturbation! Let’s break down the taboo and leave it in the past.

We also take a look at how mothers have fared during COVID19 – with taking up the majority of the housework, childcare AND working from home… it’s been tough. But it’s started showing the world that perhaps being a Mum isn’t so easy after all. We just hope this isn’t a massive back step for women that are career-minded and that want to continue their journey at work.

Our HotSPOT column has been given a revamp with the introduction of Ayla Iskender, solo traveller extraordinaire. She takes the reigns in talking about all things travel, exploring a different location each month, and providing resourceful tips, tricks, and advice.

As always, we have our regular columns from the brilliant SOCIALight team. Healthy Place, MoneyTalks, A La Mode, HealthLab, EmpowHER, CareerHUB, In the News, and our monthly book review. We hope you enjoy!

Lanie xoxo

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