Google Calendar is Helping Me Become a Better Person

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I struggle with routines daily – so daily, it’s almost a routine.

I forget to exercise, write, even drink water, and lose track of time easily.

All it takes is one short video of memes or old Vines (that I’ve usually already seen) for me to fall deep into a Youtube hole.

Before I know it, the sun has set, my eyes are weary, and it’s bedtime.

My to-do list sits woefully on the kitchen table, not a single task ticked off.

I go to bed feeling unaccomplished, as if I’m wasting my life away.

It’s as though I’m waiting for my life to start, for something to shake me out of my funk.

But, day after day, my to-do list lays on the table, gathering dust.

I’m put in mind of a particularly hard-hitting quote from Netflix’s The Good Place:

But the other day, something changed.

I was travelling back home, a journey that takes around 2 hours on the train, and I didn’t want to forget when the train was leaving, so I added the journey to my Google Calendar.

Suddenly, a brainwave struck me.

After the journey, I added how long it would take me to get from the station to my mum’s house.

Then what I would do when I got there.

And I kept going.

I kept scheduling almost every aspect of my life.

I scheduled the things I knew I should do, but wasn’t doing, like drinking water, exercising, and writing.

Plus, I scheduled time for my mindless hobbies — playing mobile games, scrolling through Pinterest, and watching Netflix.

When everything was scheduled (within reason), I found that I stuck to it.

I’d be playing Homescapes, then my reminder would go off to do some crunches.

Once I’d done my crunches, my alarm went off to start writing.

It’s why I’m writing right now!

I can’t recommend this method enough to anyone out there struggling to get things done.

I personally find Google Calendar more effective than bullet journalling, because, honestly, I’ve always got my phone with me.

As an added bonus, the reminders and alarms are so useful, especially for anyone else who’s likely to forget.

All you have to do is be realistic.

Allow yourself ‘time off’, time to relax, even time to do nothing.

Give it a go, and take back your time.

After all, you only live this life once, so make the most of it!

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