Double standards in sexuality

Double Standards in Sexuality

Male and female sexualities have long been the objects of double standards, with it being commonly more socially acceptable for men to enjoy sex and be rewarded for being open about their sexuality. 

Women’s sexuality on the other hand, especially through history, has often been overlooked and centered around the reproductive role other than something that should be pleasurable or enjoyable. 

The idea that a woman has been with a high number of lovers is often deemed ‘undesirable’ and a sexually experienced woman can be described as ‘intimidating’. In the same way that a man that has slept with a large number of women is celebrated and those that haven’t been seen as unattractive or unsuccessful.

The idea that female pleasure is of less importance than a males is outdated and during recent times, women have been embracing their sexuality and have proudly begun talking openly about sex, pleasure, and more.

Just as women are starting to stand up and take back control of several things in their lives including careers, motherhood, their bodies, and their health… sex liberation for women has also been high on the agenda with women everywhere beginning to be more open, explorative, and focused on their pleasure.

Leading on from this, many companies have sprouted intending to assist women to get maximum pleasure and to really get to know themselves intimately. How many of us own a vagina but have no idea where to start when it comes to self-pleasure?

Based on research with more than 2,000 women in partnership with Indiana University, the OMGYes website presents several different techniques that seem to work well for masturbation and partner touch.

The website is aimed at teaching and providing accurate information about all things female pleasure, whether you’re a female looking for tips on self-pleasure or you want to learn how to pleasure someone else. 

It doesn’t shy away from anything, with detailed tutorials and video demonstrations, the goal is to remove the embarrassment or ‘taboo’ topic of pleasure and instead replace it with greater intimacy and knowledge of the female genitals. 

“There’s so much that’s been left unsaid, unasked, and unknown, all because of a taboo that, we believe, will look absurd in a few decades – the same way taboos from the 1950s about oral sex and homosexuality are absurd to us now. We want to accelerate that transition.”


When it comes to sexual empowerment, it means something different to each of us. We can celebrate it as individuals. The idea is that we can create a positive culture where people can take control of their sexual experiences and pleasure. Where they can say exactly what it is they like when it comes to sex, they are in the know of what turns them on and are happy to openly discuss sex and share their desires.

Removing the stigma from female sexuality is important, for so many reasons. A woman shouldn’t be judged because she enjoys sex, looks sexy, or has had a lot of experience in the bedroom. In a similar vein to the body positivity movement, people should be able to be themselves, enjoy what they enjoy, and do what makes them happy. 

“When we have control over our bodies, we have control over our lives. Controlling how, when, and where we have sex and how others view our bodies creates equitable standards among genders.”

Female companies looking to even the playing field for female sexuality

Rosy – Designed to help women suffering from low libido, the app assists women struggling with decreased sexual desire. Designed by medical professions, it is all about improving sexual health and satisfaction.

MysteryVibe – A vibrator that adapts to each user’s vagina by bending and twisting. A versatile product that is designed to eliminate taboo about who uses sex toys and how.

Lioness – A smart vibrator that collects data about the user’s vaginal temperature and movements through an app, keeping them informed about how their body works and what techniques work best for them.

Unbound – Subtle sex-toy subscription boxes that include jewellery, lingerie, and personal hygiene products. The aim is to introduce sex as an everyday conversation topic. 

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