Girl Power Issue 8

The Thin Blue Line

In Issue Eight, we discuss the history of women in the police force.

Last year, the UK celebrated 100 years of women in the Met police. Things for women in the police force have come a long way, with the current role of Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service in London being held by Cressida Dick, the first woman to take charge of the service.

Today, around 8,000 female police offices are working for the Met, making up 27% of the workforce. In the UK as a whole, 30% of the police force are women. This has steadily risen over the years and is currently the highest it has ever been.

As with any male-dominated industry, the police force presents challenges and difficulties for many of its women employees. In this issue, we speak to some women that are on the front line about their views of working for the Police.

We take a look at the history of women in the police, when they were first permitted to join and the steady slog to getting equal rights to their male counterparts.

We also interviewed two British police officers about their views of the force they work for, the pros, the cons and the challenges they face day to day.

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