Girl Power Issue 7 Sports

Run Like a Girl

In this issue, we have spoken to come amazingly inspirational sportswomen. Some of them train and compete professionally, and some of them take part in a sport they’re passionate about whilst holding down a 9-5 day job. We’re impressed with each and every one of them and can’t wait for you to read about their career journeys.

From American Football, Equestrian, Badminton, Hockey, Marathon Runners, Golfers, Football and Rugby… we’ve got an issue packed with some seriously kick-ass women in their field. As well as this, we speak to a Sky Sports programme scheduler, getting the low down of what it’s like working in a notoriously male-dominated sector.

The whole point of this issue is to show that women are just as capable (and sometimes even more so) as their male counterparts in sport. We wanted to highlight that sport is something women should aspire to do professionally and that young women need these role models to be visible to give them the confidence and aspiration to achieve these feats too. 

SOCIALight Magazine – Issue 7

We also delve a little bit into history to see the issues that women have had to battle against when it comes to sports, in the past. From side saddle riding, through to being physically pulled off of running courses, it’s a murky past for women attempting to be taken seriously in sports. And it’s not a surprise to say that even to this day women are struggling for equality on and off the sports field.

This month we speak to Rose Mountague, one of the co-founders of She Does Digital. We also have our monthly column from Maria Bita, where she dissects cultural appropriation. In this issue, we introduce our brand new columns, Healthy Space by Lara Shingles our health and well-being editor, ‘In The News’ from Annabel Grieg looking at current affairs and our new monthly book review from Tassia Agatowski.

With the Covid-19 outbreak dominating our thoughts, lives and minds we just wanted to say that we hope you’re keeping your mental health in check. It’s an uncertain time with a range of different implications for various people. We’re always here to chat so do get in touch on our social media channels. 

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