Fashion Issue 5

The Revolution will look Fabulous

In this issue, we’re taking a different tack and have decided to shine a spotlight on the fashion industry. Why? Because we thought that fashion would be a place where women thrive in powerful positions, where they’d be given the opportunity to lead and have more chance of being heard. We assumed that the fashion industry would be less male-dominated than others but our findings painted a very different picture.

So, we decided to speak to a range of female professionals, either working in the fashion industry, studying fashion or simply who have a passion for beauty, wellbeing, and style. We wanted to hear from these women ourselves, about their thoughts on the fashion industry, the state of fashion and what they believed to be the biggest challenges in the industry.

Here you’ll hear from Maria, who talked to us about influencers, cosmetic surgery, and social media advertising. Joanna gives us her view on the role of women in the fashion industry and the challenges they face. Ellie provides a different insight into the industry, with her personal experience and beliefs. Meg focuses on ethical fashion and the move towards sustainability and lastly, Swantana talks to us about the representation of women and the impact of the body positivity movement.

The State of Fashion Report for 2020 is a deep dive into the industry by leading professionals, comparing trends and insight from 2019 and applying it to predictions for the industry in 2020. Sustainability is on the rise in terms of a key trend so we’re excited to see that becoming something we see on the High Street.

SOCIALight Magazine – Issue 5

SOCIALight Magazine has also dipped its toe into the world of fashion with a new shop where you can get your hands on limited-edition merchandise. Our Teemill shop is all about using offcut material to create organic cotton t-shirts that can be a wardrobe staple and fashion statement. Once you’ve finished with the product, you can send it back to Teemill adding it back into their circular economy.

We had the pleasure of speaking to some exceptional women from very different backgrounds for our interview pieces. Lorraine – proofreader extraordinaire – speaks candidly about freelance life and Tassia takes us through her career journey.

If you’re interested in contributing to our magazine or taking part in an interview, simply get in touch!

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