Issue 3

Farewell 2019

We can’t quite believe that it is already the end of 2019 and that this our third issue! Where has the time gone? As always, with a year drawing to a close, we’re thinking about how far we’ve come and what is on the horizon.

For us, the first few issues of SOCIALight were to test the waters and see whether there was a need for a publication that covers the issues that we do. We’re so happy to announce that as our community has grown, so has our team. We’ll be relaunching with a brand new look in 2020. Watch this space… 

We were treated this month to some time with the American author Mimi Thebo who lives and works in Somerset. Some of her incredible books have helped young people coping with grief and trauma, after having been through quite the experience in her own personal life. We also delve into what it is like being an author in the digital world and how it has impacted on the literary landscape.

Our feature article this month tackles the topic of postnatal depression, something so many women have experienced after giving birth. Sarah tells us about her experience of postnatal depression when she gave birth to her son in 1993, and why she doesn’t feel guilty about not going on to have more children.

We spoke to the inspirational Josie Hall, a writer, hitch-hiker extraordinaire and generally brilliant adventurer. Her interview is honest, open and gritty. She gives us her insight into the world of ‘Eden,’ and her life on the road as a female, woman of colour.

We also had the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Kat Savage, a successful poet, who uses her writing as a form of therapy. Her open and honest interview is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Discussing the positive and negative impacts of living in a digital world, Kat tells us about her latest poetry collection.

Other subjects we cover in this issue include the issue of homelessness among women, the value of gratitude in the workplace, normalising therapy and encouraging random acts of kindness. As always, we welcome your thoughts, experiences, and feedback on any and all of the topics we cover. Simply get in touch!

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