Introducing our new Editor: Vicky Kangurs!

Vicky Kangurs

Copy & Content Creator, Charity Meetup Host, SOCIALight Magazine Columnist, Social Media Bod, Proud LoveBiz and CharityComms Member… is there anything this woman can’t do? Well actually, no there isn’t!

Introducing our brand new editor, Vicky will be taking over the SOCIALight reigns at the end of this year, taking over from founder and current editor Lanie Bayliss.

Vicky is the perfect person to take SOCIALight to new levels and carry on the wonderful work the magazine does when it comes to raising awareness of important topics related to being a woman. As a new Mum, my time is short and in order to give the community the attention it deserves, it was time to hand it over to someone who can take it in a new direction.

Lanie Bayliss

When talking about why it’s important to have communities and groups that are open to women only, Vicky says: “I belong to a few women-only groups, which are very different to those that also allow men to join. Women-only spaces offer a certain safeness and empathy. I’m fortunate to have some wonderful men in my life, but there are some things only other women understand and can support each other with.”

Why is it important that as women, we speak up and refuse to be quiet? “I think it’s because that’s what women have always been expected to do and it’s not right or acceptable. It never has been, but it takes a collective effort and a great deal of courage to speak out. By getting together we can change outdated and unfair behaviours that sadly still exist, not just for ourselves but to pave an improved way for the future generations.”

When asked about the topics she’d like to shed more of a light on, Vicky says: “Domestic abuse is a topic I’m enormously passionate about raising awareness of, largely because other areas of my work have shown me what a common and growing problem it is for women and how difficult and dangerous it is for them to escape their situation and rebuild their lives.

There are many other issues that make the world a bleak place for women, and I feel frustrated that I can’t do more to help. I work a lot in the third sector and do a great deal of networking, so I regularly meet heroes and heroines on the frontline of all sorts of matters including FGM, environmental damage and climate change, animal abuse, end-of-life care, conflicts, grief and life-altering illnesses and injuries. It makes me realise what a tough world we live in, and it infuriates me how much sadness is caused by unnecessary and unkind human behaviour.

Speaking about her hopes for her role as editor of SOCIALight magazine, Vicky says: “My biggest hope is to continue the good work that Lanie and the team have started! I know I have big boots to fill and I will try my very best to do that. I have lots of ideas for themes and articles that I gather from various places and scribble down, and we’ve got some excellent contributors on the team who I’m sure will have ideas too. I’m very lucky to be taking on such a worthwhile role with an incredible bunch of ladies involved.”

Why is it important to shine a light on the topics that SOCIALight raises? “Platforms such as SOCIALight can lead the way on altering mindsets, changing behaviour and challenging anyone who questions women’s rights and capabilities, but can equally be a good place to find thought-provoking, bite-size pieces to kick back and enjoy whilst relaxing. I love the range of topics covered because they’re relatable and packed full of useful advice as well as information that gets the mind whirring. There is something for everyone to explore, and although some of the articles cover some very tough but important issues, they’re not distressing to read.”

We can’t wait to see what Vicky does next!

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