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We’re delighted to reveal our new partnership with LoveBiz Networking® headed up by the wonderful Sue Crooks, The LoveBiz Networking® Founder. What makes LoveBiz Networking® unique? It’s for women only and the priority is to build relationships in the first instance and do business and pass referrals second.  It’s due to this that LoveBiz aligns […]

A Year of COVID-19

Welcome to the first quarterly issue of SOCIALight Magazine for 2021! We hope you enjoy our content-packed, chunky issue which we’ve worked hard on to bring you a variety of topics surrounding numerous themes.  In March 2020, we began to hear the following words and phrases circulating. ‘COVID-19’, ‘Coronavirus’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Unprecedented’, ‘Lockdown’, ‘Self-isolation’, ‘Furlough,’ and […]

When Are You Having Kids?

It’s a common question women are asked when they’re at an age where they are expected by society to have settled down and start thinking about starting a family. There have been many Christmas dinners and family get-togethers where grandparents, parents, and the extended family have looked at me over their wine glasses and asked […]

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