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5 WEARABLE Trends from The Spring Summer Runway and How to Make Them Work

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Although my job requires me to stay on top of all trends big and small, when it comes to purchasing, I am stingily careful. I am a firm believer in ‘Buy Less, Buy Well, Make it Last.’ (Vivienne Westwood); and am 100% a Comfort > Fashion person.

Many trends on the catwalk are really hard to merge into daily life; I can’t quite see myself walking about the street with my body exposed through a thin dress. But this doesn’t mean we have to stick with the boring basics. The key to making a trend workable is to take inspiration from it, and identify what works for you and your style. After suffering two whole years of lockdown restrictions, many brands have finally returned to the catwalk this season. Business is warming up again for the fashion industry and the shows are just one part of it. In the summer, we are showered in new trends: the 90’s butterfly motifs, lower cut trousers, super sheer dresses and many more. I have picked out 5 of my favourite trends from this season’s shows that can be worn on multiple occasions and become a great addition to our closets. Hoping to ease your fashion investment away from a ‘one wear wonder’.

Bold Colour

Don’t blend in, stand out. Colour is the best way to venture into the fashionista zone without investing in a whole new wardrobe. This season, bright colour blocking is blooming all over the catwalk. Concentrated hues chase away the gloomy winter days, the designers are playing with all the paints in the box.

How Do I Wear This?

A dress is easily the best pick. Go for something with a clean silhouette to drive the focus on the colour, and you!

Finding it too much? Try layering a monotoned garment on top. This softens the mood, but not the impact.

Freshly White

White never seems to be as popular as black. One common myth is that black is slimming (it’s not), and white is difficult to wear. But did you know, white is actually a lot more lifting than black? It also appears a lot softer, giving off a friendlier atmosphere. White fabric reflects light and will brighten you up. If you have darker skin, white is a must-try.

How Do I Wear This?

The most important thing when it comes to white garments is the thickness of the fabric. If the fabric is too thin the garment can easily look cheap and dirty. Go with something that’s thick enough to not show your bra strap. I would pick a simple, fluid silhouette over fancy details.

Off white is great if pure white is not a colour you’d normally go for, or you have paler completion. Both pure white and off white are fantastic supporting colours to have in any wardrobe, they work with everything.

Flowy Tailoring

What’s the everlasting fashion hot take? Blazers. They never go out of style. Personally, I think this is an item every woman should have in their closet, especially if you’ve just stepped into the ‘real world’. Look away from office uniforms, these effortless chic blazers are everything but boring. Best of all? They have POCKETS.

How Do I Wear This?

Bold Colour + Blazer = Statement. These two trends are the dream team of SS22. It does require some thinking time for making the best pairing and it’s less of an everyday outfit. If you want to have a go, pick something oversized with a clean silhouette.

For beginners, I would strongly recommend going for a warm earthy tone. Check is also amazing. Texture adds softness and femininity and makes the garment easy to pair with.

Statement Shirt

Casual Chic at its finest. Flowy, Bright, Effortless. A shirt is a great item whether it’s to layer or make a statement. This season, many designers looked to the shirt dress, fantastic for the British early summer. A little tip for buying: put the shirt against a light and put your hand behind it. if you can see your veins, don’t buy it.

How Do I Wear This?

Shirtdress, give it a go. Go for a light or monotone. Pick an oversized silhouette for extra flow.

I love this Petar Petrov outfit with the pink and red together. A pastel shirt paired with a bold knit, the two different texture brings such a feminine vibe without being too much. This is a style I’m stealing.

Knitted Elegance

My wallet feels targeted. Knitted dresses are my favourite fashion item of all time. They are cosy, comfortable and so easy to wear. Bright summer colours can be seen among black and white for this trend at SS22.

How Do I Wear This?

If you are blessed with curves, this is the trend for you. Knit is great for showing off figures without being too much. It’s a comfortable, expensive sexy. Go for something soft but still has a good weight to support your body.

A two pieces top and skirt is also a good idea instead of a whole dress. Try layering it with a soft blazer!

Lastly, a few tips on shopping for new garments:

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