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This month, I am super excited to showcase another money guru – Maddy Alexander-Grout. Maddy has been everywhere I have with money troubles, worse, and then back again with a vengeance and better bank balance. When I first met her, we had a candid conversation about debt and how it had affected us. To my absolute amazement, she turned her issues with money into a superpower and a business and it was so refreshing to talk to someone with similar attitudes to the open conversation around one of our last taboos. 

6 years ago, Maddy began her journey as a business owner. She found herself in a bad place, suffering from postnatal psychosis and in addition to worrying about previous spending that landed her 40k in debt, she struggled to connect to her son “the way [she] thought mums should”, but in equal parts, still felt so paranoid something would happen to him. On LinkedIn, she openly admits “pulling the car over to check he was breathing all the time, worried I would drop him”. In that headspace, with so much going on, starting a business was the furthest thing from her mind, let alone becoming a money guru that would help so many people moving forward. She started a parent group to get additional support, make friends and talk openly about their mental health and struggles. Struggles, of course, included financial struggles as the cost of children and childcare ever increases. 

Parenting businesses started approaching her, and before she knew it, she had “hatched a plan” and VIP rewards was born – initially a parenthood app to help parents save money. It has now expanded across the UK in less than 4 years, with a broad variety of businesses of all types and Maddy now boasts an impressive credit score of 999 and two successful businesses. 

This isn’t just a success story for Maddy, listening to her and watching her run her business publicly and openly has been invaluable. So many people, both men and women, don’t see a way out when they end up in debt and very few people realise there IS a way out, not just out but to get out and thrive. With my own experiences and those of my fathers’ nearly costing him his life, it is a massive personal mission of mine to make sure people know there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, and that you’re never alone, no matter how bad your money troubles are. 

Her podcast is called “Mad about Money” at the moment, still subject to potentially change, but if anyone needs inspiration from not just Maddy, but all the people she’s planning to bring on board, I strongly suggest you check it out. And check out VIP rewards for some savings or, if appropriate, contact Maddy on LinkedIn to see if you can use it as a promotion for your own business if you run one.

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